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BAYLOS wishes to promote and recognise the efforts made by postgraduate students and young lawyers who contribute with their academic work to the analysis of the impact that industrial and intellectual property and related matters have on the progress of society and the economy. To this end, BAYLOS is launching the Second Edition of the Hermenegildo Baylos Award.
This second edition will focus on the theme "Present and future of Intellectual and Industrial Property in the 21st Century".


1. Who can participate?
Any postgraduate student, as well as young lawyers with a degree obtained in the last 10 years.

2. Purpose of the work
The academic work to be submitted should focus on the theme "Present and future of Intellectual and Industrial Property in the 21st century", with a view to develop the relationship between any of the industrial or intellectual property rights in their connection with digitalisation, innovation, Artificial Intelligence, the metaverse, legal tech, environmental sustainability or any other related subjects.
The work submitted, which must be original in any case, must have been produced within the three years prior to its submission for the II Edition of the Award.

3. Award
It will consist of an economic grant for training and academic specialisation in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property / Information Technologies, of up to three thousand (3,000) euros, to which the corresponding withholding tax will be applied.

The awarded work will be published on the firm's website and disseminate it through social media.

4. Special Mention
The Jury may award a Special Mention to any of the submitted academic works which, not being awarded as the winner, deserves such consideration in view of its quality or originality. This Special Mention will not carry a prize of any kind.

5. Format
There is no criteria related to the format of the academic works, so they can be submitted in any format (written, photograph, drawing, video, etc.) that the author may consider appropriate in terms of quality and originality.
Nevertheless, it is recommended that, in the case of written works, they should not exceed thirty (30) pages in length.
For non-written works, an explanatory report of the work must be submitted, as well as the conclusions by which it contributes to the purpose of the Award.

6. Language
Academic works may be submitted in Spanish or English.
They must be original works. Those works that had been previously disseminated or sent for circulation to any publishing house or institution, or submitted for any other awards or competitions, in whole or in part, will not be accepted or eligible.

7. How to submit the work?
Written works must be submitted by e-mail to the following address: If they are to be submitted by post, they should be sent to BAYLOS ABOGADOS, Calle José Lázaro Galdiano, 6 (28036 - Madrid).
All works must be submitted, together with a brief CV of the author, in two versions: the first one, with the author's personal details, and the second one, without any personal details.
When submitting the work, the author must expressly declare their willingness to submit it for the Hermenegildo Baylos Award, as well as their acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Award as a whole.
Once the work is received, BAYLOS will confirm its reception and acceptance by e-mail. In the event of any formal deficiency, the participant will be notified and will have a period of five (5) days to correct it. Otherwise, the work will be considered as not submitted.

8. Deadline
Academic works intending to participate in the Award must be submitted by September 30, 2022.

9. Composition of the Jury:
The Jury shall be composed of a maximum of eight (8) members and the principle of gender equal representation will be applied. Their identities will be made public at the same time as the decision of the winner of the Award.
Its deliberations shall be kept secret and its decisions, including the Jury verdict, shall be adopted by a majority vote, the chairman having the casting vote in the event of a tie.
The Jury shall judge the works submitted without knowing the identity of their authors. The latter must ensure that their identity cannot be discovered through the writing or production of their respective works.

10. Jury verdict
The awarded academic work will be published immediately on the BAYLOS website and will be disseminated through social media.
Should the Jury consider that no academic work reaches the sufficient quality, the Award may be declared vacant.
The Award will be presented at a public ceremony, to be held short after the Jury verdict. The winner commit himself/hersefl to attend the Award ceremony and to collaborate in all the activities to promote the Award.

11. Data protection

  • Data controller: BAYLOS LEGAL ADVISOR 5.0., S.L.
  • Purpose and legitimacy basis: Management of the Hermenegildo Baylos Award, identification of authors, confirmation of participation requirements, communication of winners, invitation to the prize-giving event. The data will be processed on the basis of the consent given by the participants.
  • Conservation period: Participants' data will be kept until the prize is awarded and up to five (5) years thereafter. The winner's data will be published on the website and other media that record the concession of the Award for an unlimited period of time.
  • Exercise of rights: Participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability and limitation or opposition by sending an email to  indicating "exercise of data protection rights". They may also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency

12. Miscellaneous
Participation in this Second Edition of the Award Baylos implies the full acceptance of all its terms and conditions.
BAYLOS will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding non-awarded works and their authors.
All non-awarded works may be collected from BAYLOS headquarters.
BAYLOS will not pay in cash the grant for the training and specialization studies. Instead it will transfer the payment to the academic or training institution designated by them within two (2) years since the award is granted. As the only exception, BAYLOS will cover payments already made by the participants, provided that they are duly justified and were made after 1 January 2020.
BAYLOS will deduct, when applicable, the corresponding withholding tax from the prize awarded, in accordance with current tax legislation.
The awarded author undertakes not to disseminate his/her academic work through any media for two (2) years from the date of its submission, transferring exclusively to BAYLOS all the exploitation rights over it during this period of time.
BAYLOS has the right to amend these terms and conditions if there is good reason to do so. Any such modifications will be published on the website.
BAYLOS may publish a shorter version of these terms and conditions in order to facilitate the dissemination of the Award. Such publication will be for information purposes only.
Any doubts as to the interpretation of these terms and conditions will be settled in accordance with the criteria of the Jury.
These terms and conditions are subject to Spanish law. Any conflict that may arise between the participants competing for the Award and Baylos shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, with express waiver by the former of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.