Comprehensive IP advice, coupled with a strategic and innovative outlook, in its Procedural, Contractual and Registration facets

Since 1943
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Consultancy Business Transactions

We aid our clients in the planning and implementation of the best strategy to develop their business on a national, European and global level within the most suitable applicable legal ...

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Litigation and Arbitration

Via a team of lawyers of national and international renown, in the BAYLOS Litigation Division, advice is offered for both civil and commercial matters, as well as those of a ...

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Strategy & Prosecution

Following an individualised and in-depth study of each client's characteristics and needs, we provide professional services geared towards obtaining, consolidating and ensuring the necessary protection of the intangible values of ...

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«Rubik’s cube»: trademark or patent?

It is common for companies to try to extend exclusivity rights over their products, especially when it comes to a successful product; and, since protection ...

New amendments to the Chinese Trademark Legislation

New amendments to the Chinese Trademark Law entered into force last November 1st 2019 with the main goal of curbing bad faith in trademark filings. For ...

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