Baylos Architectural Building Background

One of the leading firms in the field of Intellectual Property, along with related matters

It boasts extensive experience in its area of expertise, in numerous sectors of activity and in different jurisdictions and international markets, meaning it has been deservedly acknowledged in the most reputable directories.

From 1943

The merger that bolsters the team and the services it provides

The merger of two prestigious boutiques, BAYLOS and FJF LEGAL, has made it possible to strengthen the working team and include new services in order to offer global strategic advice based on a consolidated career path (dating back to 1943) and an innovative overview of our specialty under a single quality seal.

The firm, since 1943

BAYLOS is at the forefront of law firms in Spain in the field of Intellectual Property and related matters, founded in 1943. It boasts extensive experience in its area of expertise, in numerous sectors of activity and in different jurisdictions and international markets, meaning it has been deservedly acknowledged in the most reputable directories.

The merger with the IP FJF LEGAL boutique has allowed for the Company to reinforce its human team, include new services and have a more international projection, thus offering advice strategic global based on a consolidated trajectory and an innovative interpretation of our specialty.

One-Stop IP Boutique
Global Coverage


The mere mention of BAYLOS is synonymous with the history of intellectual property.

BAYLOS was founded in 1943 by the Professor and Lawyer of the Council of State Hermenegildo Baylos Corroza, thus creating one of the first Intellectual Property boutiques in Spain. Since its inception it has been characterised by personalised advice, quality and thoroughness in the aforementioned matters, aspects that are enhanced through the merger with FJF LEGAL office. Together we share culture, values, experience and the corporate purpose of providing value and offering the finest legal advice possible in our area of expertise.

The joining of BAYLOS with FJF LEGAL consolidates the present of the Firm and allows for us to position ourselves as a benchmark ONE-STOP IP BOUTIQUE in the legal sector, offering comprehensive advice on our specialty and a strategic and innovative vision, in its procedural, contractual and registry facets.


Founding of the office by Hermenegildo Baylos


Incorporation of María del Buen Consejo Baylos


Publication of the “Tratado de la Propiedad Industrial”


Appointment of Hermenegildo Baylos as President of the Spanish Group of the AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)


Incorporation of Pedro Merino Baylos, partner of the firm


Appointment of María del Buen Consejo Baylos as President of the Spanish Group of the AIPPI


Incorporation of David Gómez, partner of the firm


Publication of the book entitled "La protección de la Marca Comunitaria"


Incorporation of José Luis González-Montes, partner of the firm


Appointment of Pedro Merino Baylos as President of the Spanish Group of the AIPPI


Merger with FJF LEGAL, with the partners Juan Luis Gracia, Fabrizio Miazzetto and Fernando Rodríguez

Strength, Protection, Growth, Balance, Integrity

Our identity


The number 5, represented graphically by a pentagon, has held symbolic values since the dawn of time.

In architecture, it has served as a grounding for many strengths and talisman of protection, in nature it is linked to the growth of things, whilst for the Pythagoreans it symbolises harmony and balance. And, above all, it is the symbol of the complete human being.


On this basis of values (pentagon) our business model "BAYLOS 5.0", is identified wholly by innovation, to be able to generate value to our clients and thus furnish them with the best service.



  • Experienceand Specialisation

    Our Firm boasts more than 70 years legal experience and a level of specialisation that allows for us to advise clients by providing a wholescale service, from its procedural, contractual and registration facets.

  • Innovation

    The strength of our legal advice is enhanced on a daily basis by the innovative, dynamic and creative human team in place at BAYLOS, undergoing constant training to provide the most up-to-date and highest added value service.

  • Strategyand Business Line

    Our advice comes into being in the thorough nature of the analysis performed to offer the greatest practicality in terms of our clients' solutions, always from a strategic approach that combines legal and business experience with sectorial and entrepreneurial knowledge.

  • CustomerGuidance

    The Client is the axis of our Firm, upon whom we focus our vocation of service and passion for our area of expertise. To them, we provide maximum implication and commitment, offering 100% personalised dealings and advice.

  • GlobalCoverage

    BAYLOS offers global coverage, representing domestic and foreign clients and maintaining a significant portfolio of independent contacts for this purpose. As a result of this international vocation, our Firm and / or its lawyers are part of the main Intellectual Property associations worldwide, with recognition in the most prestigious legal directories and lawyer rankings.


Although our Firm's best covering letter is our own clients and colleagues, our Firm and its partners are often recommended by the main international legal directories, for example, Who's Who Legal, Chambers Global, European Legal Expert, Best Lawyers, Global Counsel 3000, World Trademark Review, etc.
BAYLOS has been distinguished with the BEST IP ADVISOR SPAIN award at the 2020 Innovation & IP Forum and Awards organised by the Leaders League.

The acknowledgement of our endeavours constitutes, undoubtedly, an additional motivation to continue striving to achieve professional excellence

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Firm channels its Corporate Social Responsibility activity through its willingness to implement the necessary collaborations and aid for the benefit of society.

In this sense, also, from BAYLOS 5.0 the Pro Bono activity is encouraged in those cases in which, after the study and approval of the Partners' Committee, it is considered necessary to carry out some kind of social work for the benefit of the neediest groups in society.

Publications and Teaching

The professionals of BAYLOS 5.0 contribute to the study and development of Procedural and Intellectual Property Laws through the publication of case studies and doctrinal articles in the main journals and books published in the sector.

Worthy of special mention is its teaching activity as professors at the University level and in Postgraduate and Master's degree courses.