Data on interventions concerning Industrial Property Rights in Spain

Thursday, 19 of September of 2019

The Ministry of Home Affaris has recently made public the balance of the interventions carried out by the Spanish State security forces and local police in Spain against the infringement of IP rights of 2018.

The data is available on its website, where information is collected since 2012.

Although the number of products seized in 2018 is similar to 2017, there has been an increase in the number of interventions, as well as in the value of the items seized.

It draws attention to the value of the seized products, close to 1,000 million, much higher than the 2017 data, where there had been a significant decrease in relation to previous years. In 2018 there has been a remarkable recovery.

As regards the seized products (more than 6,000,000 in Spain), it is remarkable, for their volume, the 411,551 watch and jewellery products (379,017 of them in the Valencian Community), 302,382 textile products and 303,317 leather goods and leatherware accessories in general.

Data shows 1,616 arrests and cases investigated during last year's interventions, which also represents a notable increase in relation to 2017 (1,237).

The main place of the seizures reported has been located in warehouses (where more than 4,737,000 products were seized), followed by commercial establishments (more than 728,000 products) and customs zones of ports and airports (about 196,000 products). It also emphasizes that the counterfeit products intervened in legal street market sales outnumber the products sold in illegal street market sales.