III Edition Hermenegildo Baylos Awards - Bases

Wednesday, 24 of May of 2023

BAYLOS wants to promote and recognize the effort made by postgraduate students and young lawyers, contributing with their reflections to analyze the impact that industrial and intellectual property and related matters have for the progress of society and the economy, and for this purpose, announces the Third Edition of the Hermenegildo Baylos Award.

The Prize will be on "Intellectual and Industrial Property. Sustainable economy and environment".


1. To whom it is addressed

Any graduate student, as well as young lawyers graduated in any of the last ten (10) academic promotions anywhere in the world, may apply.

2.  Subject of the papers

Any original academic paper on the topic of "Intellectual and Industrial Property. Sustainable economy and environment" and that develops the relationship between any of the industrial or intellectual property rights in its connection with environmental sustainability, eco-innovation or innovation aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, or with any other matters related to the same may be submitted.

The work, which in any case must be original, must have been written within the three years prior to its presentation to the Award in its III Edition.

3.  Prize

An economic grant for training and academic specialization in Industrial and Intellectual Property / Information Technologies, of up to three thousand (3,000) euros, from which the corresponding taxes will be deducted.

The winning work will be published on the firm's website and disseminated through social networks. Additionally, the winning work will be published in the online library (Knowledge Hub) of the EUIPO where it will be distributed among its users and clients.

4.  Special Mention

The Jury may grant a Special Mention to any of the works submitted which, not having been the winner, deserves such consideration due to the quality or originality of the same, at the Jury's discretion. Such Special Mention shall not entail a prize of any kind.

5.  Format

The works may be submitted in any format (written, photograph, drawing, video, etc.) that allows its realization according to the creativity and originality of the participant.

Given that, in addition to quality, originality may be taken into account for the evaluation of the prize, no predetermined criteria regarding the format will be established. In any case, it is recommended that, in the case of written works, they should not exceed thirty (30) pages in length.

In the case of non-written works, an explanatory report of the same must be presented, as well as the conclusions by which the same contributes to the object of the Prize.

6.  Language

All papers may be submitted in Spanish or English.

They must be original works, not disseminated or sent for dissemination to any publishing house or institution, nor submitted to any other award or competition, nor as an academic work, in whole or in part.

7.  Submission of papers

Submission of papers will be, whenever possible, by sending them by e-mail to the following address: In case of physical submission, they should be sent to BAYLOS ABOGADOS, Calle José Lázaro Galdiano, number 6 (28036 - Madrid).

All works shall be submitted, together with a brief curriculum vitae of the author, in two versions: the first one, with the participant's identification data, and the second one, without any of his/her data.

At the time of submitting the work, the author must expressly declare his/her willingness to submit it to the Hermenegildo Baylos Award, as well as the acceptance of the Rules of this call for entries in their entirety.

Once the work has been received, BAYLOS will confirm its reception and acceptance by e-mail. If there is any formal deficiency, the participant will be notified and will have five (5) days to correct it. In case of failure to do so, the work will be considered as not submitted.

8.  Deadlines

The deadline for the submission of papers will expire on October 10, 2023.

9.  Composition of the Jury

It shall be composed of a maximum of eight (8) members, respecting the principle of balanced presence in terms of gender. The identity of the members of the Jury will be made public only at the time of publication of the award decision.

Their deliberations will be secret and their decisions, including the award decision, will be adopted by majority vote, with the president of the Jury having the casting vote in the event of a tie.

The Jury will judge the works submitted without knowing the identity of their authors. The authors must ensure that their identity cannot be known through the writing or preparation of their respective works.

10. Jury's decision

The award decision will be published immediately on the BAYLOS website and will be disseminated through social networks.

The Jury may declare the Prize void when it considers that no candidacy presents sufficient merit.

The Award will be presented at a public ceremony, to be held as soon as possible. The winners undertake to attend the event that BAYLOS convenes for this purpose and to collaborate in all promotional activities of the Award.

11.  Data protection

- Data controller: BAYLOS LEGAL ADVISORS 5.0., S.L.

- Purpose and basis of legitimacy: the management of the Hermenegildo Baylos Award, identification of authors, confirmation of participation requirements, communication of winners, invitation to the awards ceremony. The data will be processed based on the consent given by the participants.

- Conservation period: the participants' data will be kept until the moment of the awarding of the Prize and up to five (5) years thereafter. The data of the winners will be published on the website and other media that collect the awarding of the Prize without time limit.

- Exercise of rights: participants may exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, portability and limitation or opposition by sending an email to indicating "exercise of data protection rights". They may also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency

12.  Miscellaneous

Participation in this call for entries implies the express acceptance of all its terms and conditions.

BAYLOS will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding non-winning entries and their authors.

All non-winning works may be withdrawn from BAYLOS headquarters.

BAYLOS will not pay the Prize in cash for training and specialization but will make the payment to the academic or training institution designated by them within a period of no more than two (2) years from the awarding of the Prize. As the only exception, BAYLOS will cover payments already made by the participants, as long as they are duly justified, and have been made from January 1, 2020 onwards.

From the prize awarded, BAYLOS will deduct the corresponding withholding tax in accordance with current tax legislation.

The winner of the Prize undertakes not to disseminate his/her work by any means for two (2) years from the date of its delivery, assigning exclusively during that period of time all the exploitation rights over it to BAYLOS.

BAYLOS reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions whenever there is justified cause to do so. Such modifications would be, if necessary, published on the web page

BAYLOS may publish a reduced version of these Rules in order to facilitate the dissemination of the Prize. Such publication will be for information purposes only.

Any doubt of interpretation that may arise from these Rules will be resolved in accordance with the criteria of the jury of the awards.

These Rules are governed by Spanish law. Any conflict that may arise between the participants competing for the Prize and Baylos shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.