Puma loses protection for one of its sneakers due to early disclosure.

Friday, 15 of March of 2024

The General Court has confirmed the decision of the EUIPO that refused the registration of the Community design of a pair of sneakers by the German company PUMA. EUIPO's decision, on which the General Court also bases its argument, is based on the fact that the famous singer Rihanna published, prior to the registration of the sneakers, some photographs in her social network in which it could be seen how she was wearing sneakers that showed similar characteristics to the ones now sought to be protected. Based on such events, the General Court has confirmed the EUIPO's assessment according to which such photographs published by the singer show that the prior design had been published beforehand, so that it could not be subject to protection through the Community design.

The prior disclosure of a Puma shoe model by the artist Rihanna results in the invalidity of a registered Community design (