At BAYLOS, we represent the rights and interests of numerous well-known brands in their fight against counterfeiting, assisting our clients throughout the entire process.

For this, we work closely with the competent authorities, including the different State Security Forces and bodies as well as Customs Authorities, representing our clients both in the request for application of border protection measures, and in all actions of an administrative nature related to apprehensions of counterfeit goods or forged products, ranging from the intervention of the products until their destruction, along with judicial proceedings, either civil or criminal, that are initiated as a consequence of these stoppages.
In order to achieve the necessary efficiency in this type of actions, we arrange training sessions for both customs personnel and police officers. In addition, our participation in associations and committees specialised in anti-piracy activities allow us to be up-to-date with regard to the latest trends, behaviour patterns of those responsible for the trafficking of illicit products, policies applied by the competent authorities, etc.
Our activity against the traffic of counterfeit goods and pirated products is developed both in the online and offline market, where we carry out at the request of our clients, sweeps and searches for the detection of infringing products, investigations throughout the territory, product purchases for obtaining evidence to be used in possible legal proceedings, sending requirements for the removal of illegal content, etc.

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