At BAYLOS we represent the rights and interests of many well-known brands in their fight against counterfeiting, helping our clients throughout the entire process.

We do this by working closely with the competent authorities, including the different State Security Forces and Bodies as well as Customs Authorities, representing our clients both in applying for the implementation of border protection measures and in all the administrative actions related to the seizure of counterfeit goods or pirated products, ranging from the seizure of goods to their destruction. We also represent our clients in civil or criminal proceedings initiated as a result of these withdrawals.

To achieve the necessary efficiency in such actions, we organise training sessions for both customs personnel and police officers. In addition, our participation in associations and committees specialising in anti-piracy activities allows us to stay abreast of the latest trends, behaviour patterns of illegal product traffickers, policies applied by the competent authorities, etc.

Our activity against the trafficking of counterfeit goods and pirated products takes place both in the online and offline market, where we sweep and search, at the request of our clients, in order to detect infringing products, perform investigation throughout the territory, buy products to gain evidence to be used in potential legal proceedings, send letters of formal notice for the removal of illegal content, etc.

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