We plan the registration, defence and management of plant varieties. From within BAYLOS, strategies are drafted for the protection and development of breeder rights to protected varieties, including the design and legal assistance in regularisation processes with the agrarian producers.

We have proven experience in the drawing up and implementation of protection and control systems that provide both added value and safety in the exploitation phase of the variety, including the implementation of tools to intercept offensive behavioural actions. Our professionals have intervened in the constitution and advice of relevant bodies involved in the management and development of varieties. At BAYLOS, we carry out the contractual planning for the exploitation of the protected variety and our experience allows us to act both in the pre-litigation and negotiation phase, and in the defence of our clients before the Courts and arbitration bodies specialised in this discipline.

Comprehensive Intellectual Property advice

A strategic and innovative outlook, in its Procedural, Contractual and Registration facets