Friday, 6 of July of 2018

**WE ARE PREMIERE!** New project and new corporate identity. Talking about BAYLOS means talking about the history of intellectual property. But we wanted to take a step forward! Thanks to our union with FJF Legal, we have not only reinforced our team and services, consolidating ourselves as a leading **One-Stop IP Boutique ** in the legal sector, but we have also **renewed our corporate identity** as result of a more **innovative business model, "Baylos 5.0"**, and responding to values that are represented in our **pentagon**: strength, protection, growth, balance and integrity. (image: first-post2.png) We want to ask you to join us on this new journey and sail with us in this exciting new stage. The entire BAYLOS team wishes to provide you with the highest added value service from a technical and experiential point of view. With a comprehensive and strategic vision. With a futuristic vision. **And 100% committed to revolutionizing the way we handle cases.** Here, in NEWS, you will find all the news concerning the Firm and its areas of specialization. You will also find information as to events that may be of your interest as well as articles and essays delving into relevant issues. And if you keep browsing the newly released web, you can learn more about our (link: firma text: history), our (link: equipo text: team), some of the (link: clientes text: clients that have trusted on us) and everything that we can do to help you and keep growing together... (link: contactar text: shall we contact)?. **Welcome to our new project!**