Zoom's terms and conditions at times foresaw the use of user data to train its AI.

Friday, 25 of August of 2023

The company Zoom announced this week changes to its Terms and Conditions, including the training of algorithms from user data, collected when users use the tool.

Following the alarm from many personal data protection professionals, Zoom issued a statement on August 7 in which they stressed that they would not use "audio, video or chat content" to train their models without the client's consent.

Despite this, Zoom gives an example and states  the following on their blog regarding a "license" they claim to have for the use of machine learning: "An example of a machine learning service for which we need license and usage rights is our automated scanning of webinar invitations/reminders to ensure we are not being unintentionally used to spam or defraud participants. The customer owns the underlying webinar invitation, and we are licensed to provide the service in addition to that content." However, he emphasizes again that "for AI, we do not use audio, video or chat content to train our models without the client's consent."


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