• Consultancy Business Transactions

    We aid our clients in the planning and implementation of the best strategy to develop their business on a national, European and global level within the most suitable applicable legal framework. From the creation of the business to how to develop the same, we assist our clients during all stages.

    To achieve this, we have on-hand a network of collaborators worldwide that allow for us to provide our customers with efficient advice of the highest quality in order to embark upon their business with the right guarantees in any country in the world.

  • Litigation and Arbitration

    Via a team of lawyers of national and international renown, in the BAYLOS Litigation Division, advice is offered for both civil and commercial matters, as well as those of a criminal nature. In the first case, with specialisation in each of the subject matters of conflict, having as premise the resolution of the client's issue, thus entailing efforts to obtain a transactional solution that avoids the litigation, but at the same time, with the maximum solvency and experience in the judicial defence, wherever appropriate, of the client's interests.

    In the criminal field, assistance is provided, above all, in all types of economic crimes as well as the protection of intellectual property rights in the criminal sphere. Finally, in the arbitration sphere, wide -ranging experience is offered both in national and international arbitrations, acting as arbitrators and lawyers before the Arbitration Courts of the main conciliation institutions. Likewise, we act in all internal proceedings related to the execution or challenge of arbitration awards, as well as in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.

  • Strategy & Prosecution

    Following an individualised and in-depth study of each client's characteristics and needs, we provide professional services geared towards obtaining, consolidating and ensuring the necessary protection of the intangible values of the company at the national, European and general levels in all the countries in which the client holds strategic and commercial interests.

    Our services range from the audit of the client's portfolio, preliminary feasibility studies and availability of use and registration of new rights to the submission, monitoring, obtaining and successive surveillance of the corresponding registration titles before competent national, European and international organisations. We boast a team of multidisciplinary professionals who work with prestigious brands, providing high added value in their business due to their experience, expertise and deep-rooted knowledge of the client's sector.



We design and implement protection and registration strategies for brands on a global scale...

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Since the founding of BAYLOS in 1943, we have specialised in patent litigation and utility models.

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We develop and implement the best design protection and registration strategy worldwide...

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We plan the registration, defence and management of plant varieties. From within BAYLOS, strategies are...

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Designation of Origin and geographical indications

We defend the designations of origin and geographical indications against the different modalities...

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Information Technologies

From the ICT department of BAYLOS our clients are given assistance to adapt the development of...

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Franchises, Licenses, Distribution and Agency

Also worth stressing is our proven experience in contractual, pre-litigious and judicial advice in matters...

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and Entertainment Law

At BAYLOS, we are backed by solid and extensive experience dating back more than 70 years in...

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Unfair Competition, Anti-Trust and Advertising

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to offer them, in a free-market society and with increasingly global...

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At BAYLOS, we represent the rights and interests of numerous well-known brands in their fight against counterfeiting, assisting our clients throughout the entire process...

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Privacy and Data Protection

We advise our clients on adhering to data protection regulations and on aspects concerning information security...

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Comprehensive Intellectual Property advice

A strategic and innovative outlook, in its Procedural, Contractual and Registration facets