Juan Luis Gracia


Juan Luis Gracia has been a partner at BAYLOS since 2018, and has extensive experience spanning over 20 years, having worked at several leading sector firms.

Notably, his activities include providing strategic advice to national and international clients on all matters related to Industrial Property, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and new technologies, in relation to a multitude of sectors including entertainment, sport and gym equipment, fashion, perfume and cosmetics, food and beverages, banking, technological platforms, telecommunications, artificial intelligence and new technologies, transport and associated software, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector, health services, automotive sector, tobacco and emerging products, consumer goods, healthcare products, etc. As a lawyer specialising in these matters, he has participated in important national and cross-border litigations that have had an impact in the national and specialised press, and he has led the strategy and defence of matters before the Courts of the European Union. He has also managed important Industrial Property rights portfolios around the world and specialises in their registration and defence strategies. His professional activity includes providing advice in contractual and pre-litigation matters, with particular focus on licence, distribution, franchise, agency agreements and the like.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Alicante, Spain (2000).

  • Master’s in Industrial and Intellectual Property and New Technologies from the University of Alicante (Magister Lvcentinvs) (2001).

  • Practising lawyer since 2001.


Regularly mentioned in relevant directories such as CHAMBERS, WORLD TRADEMARK REVIEW, IAM PATENTS, BEST LAWYERS, WHO’S WHO LEGAL, etc., and in other specialised publications as an outstanding professional in the area of Industrial and Intellectual Property.

He has been a member of different INTA (International Trademark Association) Committees since 2014, having been elected member of the Brands & Innovation Committee for 2022-2023. In addition, he has collaborated in the TASK FORCE on BAD FAITH within the aforementioned organisation, being INTA’s representative at the European Cooperation Projects Working Group CP13 on Bad Faith filings.

  • Member of INTA.

  • Member of the Madrid Bar Association.


He has published articles in Industrial and Intellectual Property Journals and Compendiums and is the co-author of books like “ICT LAW, Information and Communication Technology Law” (Tirant Le Blanch edition).


Juan Luis has spoken at national and international conferences, as well as at a number of seminars on this subject, before public and private institutions, as well as professional associations.

He has also spoken at different education programmes for post-graduate, master’s and specialisation courses, and has been invited to participate in different conventions and seminars.